Burglars Beware of LL Cool J
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Celebrity scandals and celebrity break-ins are never far from a person’s mind. We see and hear about them all the time through reputable news sources and, mostly, the not-quite-so reputable ones. If you have FOX, then you have probably seen TMZ and if you have a television provider like directtelevisionpackages.com then, really, there’s no end to it.

There are lots of reasons why we love to hear about these stories. Some of us like hearing about the misfortunes of the privileged because, at the very least, we all have that in common. Some find humor in these incidents.

Case in point, the unfortunate break-in LL Cool J was the victim of just last year. It was indeed unfortunate but not so much for LL Cool J. Turns out the musical artist/television actor/movie actor isn’t just ACTING like a tough guy for the media – not if the broken nose, jaw and ribs incurred by the suspect are anything to go by.

Indeed, this is one celebrity criminals should be wary of. Burglars beware and be sure to add him to your list of Hollywood Humans NOT to Hit. Probably right up there with Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel and, our personal favorite, Samuel L. Jackson.

Sexy Celebs Braid Days Changed From Traditional
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When you take a look at some of the actresses out there, it is hard not to see their impressive hair styles first! Our Hollywood actresses have always set the trend for fun hair styles, and this summer, we are seeing more braids than ever before! However, if your idea of a fancy braid is a straight line down your back, think again.

First, messy braids are very in. Braids were once a way for women to look very severe and respectable, but today’s messy braids are all about fashion and fun. For example, there are many women with fairly Read the rest of this entry »

Rihanna’s Spirtiual Connection With Ashton Kutchner
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Given the penchant that the paparazzi and celebrity news cycle is going on 24 seven, it is hard for any hot star or celebrity of any type to have any privacy. That having been said, when singer Rihanna was seen arriving at the dapper Ashton Kutcher’s home at around 1 AM and later spotted leaving at around 4 AM in March of 2012, it was presumed that they were having a romantic affair.

However, when questioned, both denied having a romantic connection. Whether or not that can be proven, there is Read the rest of this entry »

Selena Gomez Trials With a New Man Stepping Up To The Plate
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In addition to playing a witch on Wizards of Waverly Place, Selena Gomez’s life seems magical. The Disney star turned singer tops the charts, stars in movies and is still dating Justin Bieber. However, some are worried there is trouble on the horizon. Whether you are worried for Selena’s relationship status or praying that Bieber becomes single again, the couple appears safe for now.

Rumors are always circulating about the relationship of this tween power couple. Fans speculated that Bieber broke up with Gomez because of a Read the rest of this entry »

Kate Winslet Got Suckered While In London
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On March 27th, 2012, Kate Winslet made her way on to the London red carpet for the worldwide premiere of the movie that made her as popular as she is in the US today. Winslet starred in “Titanic”, which was a hit film upon its original release, and proved to be another hit during its world premiere. With many devoted fans and critics begging for a photo opportunity with the dazzling actress, Winslet was suckered into their demands. She smiled brightly as she signed Read the rest of this entry »

Katy Perry Is On The Lookout Again
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Katy Perry just recently ended her relationship with the Florence the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd after one month of dating each other. Perry, 27, dated Rob after ending her 14 month marriage with Russell Brand last December. She met Rob at the Coachella Music Festival just last month.

Sources close to the couple revealed that the cause of the split is the conflicting tour schedules. Katy felt that the relationship was like what she had with Russell. The distance made dating really Read the rest of this entry »

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Troubles In Paradise
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It seems that Kim and Kanye are having problems already. Kim seems to be starting to irritate Kanye with money issues. It seems that all Kim can talk about is money which is becoming a bother to Kanye.

Kim has started to ask Kanye about his savings, properties he owns, and his touring revenue. Kanye has told Kim to chill out, and not to worry about money issues.

She feels that Kris Humphries was not honest about his finances, and do not want to encounter the same problems with Kanye West. Kim wants to make sure that Kanye Read the rest of this entry »

Celebrities Ups and Downs In The Real World
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Most celebrities would have you believe they have the same problems as you and me. We know that’s not true. A lot of our every day problems can be cured with money. Therefore, celebrities with good, or even moderate, incomes can solve a majority of their problems quickly and easily.

However, there are some downs celebrities encounter that the average Joe does not. For instance, we can go to the grocery store without being photographed and get arrested for a minor infraction without Read the rest of this entry »